The Circle: Thank You Notes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This month, Kiki and Jess are hosting The Circle link up. Kiki described this month's theme this way:

While I know that most of us are not born with the gift of comedy (ahem, me), Jess and I have also realized that it's of equal importance to write sincere thank you notes to those people and things around you that you're thankful for, too. Think of them as little notes of love or laughter. You take your pick!

I'm going the serious route...

Thank you God for knowing me and making yourself known to me. Though I have to fight to keep my eyes on You, the sight that you have given to me is precious to me. For all these things that I'm about to mention, I am grateful, because I know they are meant to point me back to you.

Thank you John Piper and Desiring God for delighting in helping others come to see and savor God. My life began to look a lot different after you taught me that "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." The pursuit of God IS magnificent. Thank you.

Thank you Mom for following so hard after God. I love you! 

Thank you to my siblings for letting me be "Sissy" for all these years...I love our talks, our laughs, our games, and watching each of you grow and try things! 

Thank you BBC for taking great books and ideas and turning them into lovely series (I cannot figure out how to make that word plural). 

Thank you Twinings for making such nice tea. I've really enjoyed them over the last few years. 

Than you Blogger for making a way for people to write and connect over even the silliest things. 

Thank you God for all the variety You've put in my little world lately...I'm thinking especially of the flowers coming up in my bulb garden, the warm and sunny days, and days like today that bring a dose of rain and dreariness. 

Thank you READERS it's fun to know that you're reading along. I especially love when you comment and tell me about the place where you blog! 

What are some things you're THANKFUL for? 

Maybe you'd like to join in the link up this month? 

In Its Time

Thoughts for Your Weekend: The Business of Knowing God

Friday, April 11, 2014

The focus from Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically this week was Beholding Your God in the Face of Jesus Christ.

Over the last two weeks we've been studying what it is to know God and how God is in the business of making Himself known.

The question was raised: When you go to Scripture, do you go there asking God what He is revealing about Himself in the words you are reading?

So often, I go to Scripture looking for the hand of God at work and the finger of God pointing out His will in the lives of His people.When it comes down to it, those things are there, but there is more, The Bible is the very unveiling of WHO God is.

The Bible is the Word of God sent to unveil the person of God. Jesus Christ is called "The Word" and He too was sent to unveil the person of God.

This weekend, whatever pages you find yourself reading in the Bible, go there to meet God. Say to Him, "God, what are you revealing about yourself through these words?"

May your spirit be captivated by the very God who is the Creator and Sustainer of all that is. May your soul thirst for more of His Word because it is the means by which you taste yet more of Him.

God calls His people to know Him. Let's go to His Word to meet Him, to see Him, and to be satisfied in Him!

Room Reveal pt. 1

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I've been talking about the work being done on my bedroom for a while now. I've been collecting ideas and pieces of furniture for a few YEARS. It takes me FOREVER to make up my mind.

Today you get to see the most basic of before and after photos. The "worst" is behind us. Now the fun of putting everything together begins.
Before, but post popcorn removal.
In January, that giant window and brickwork were put in. At the end of January, I scraped the popcorn off of the ceiling. I will be doing a post about that some time soon with all of the details on how that went.

February and March were BUSY months around here...The room just sat empty.

Naval by Sherwin Williams
When we cracked open the paint can and put the first bit of paint on the walls last Thursday, I was sooo excited. It was EXACTLY what I wanted! I was LOVING it. So far, everybody calls me crazy for putting navy in a basement. You know what? I wouldn't change it!

My Mom put in a TON of work helping me get the ceiling ready to paint, painting the ceiling, and painting the walls. She is just over 5 feet tall, but she climbed up and down the ladder doing the trim work that I am far too clumsy to do.

After 5 painting days (we were only able to do one coat of paint a day because of day light and the other stuff that needs doing each day) we were GLAD to be done on Saturday.

So there you go! After all is said and done, everyone who has seen it (with the exception of my Dad) LOVES it. My sister who was very fond of the previous color and was completely uninterested in the navy even said that it looked good.

Now I'm on to mattress and light fixture shopping, junk sorting, and furniture arranging.

Are you into COLOR or neutrals? 

Have you done any projects around your house recently?

The Scenic Route: Spring, Spring, Spring

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

This last weekend was busy!

My Mom and I went curtain shopping and ate out at our favorite terriyaki place. After Bible study on

Saturday, we put the last coat of paint up in my room (I'll show you some pictures of that tomorrow). That evening the house was quiet, the painting was DONE, and I sat down with a book. Don't you love reading on a quiet evening?

Sunday was a true day of rest. Jay came over in the afternoon for some cake and ice cream and he joined us for a session of the Behold Your God study we're doing.

Saturday the gardening bug bit me...That just means that now I'm really, extra excited to get back to working in the dirt! It was like spring happened over night.

Slowly but surely, things have been coming back to life, but Saturday it was as if everything was finally really waking up! I noticed the trees had just barely started sprouting their new leaves.

Then yesterday it felt like full on summer. Every time I went outside I just wanted to stay out there. It was at least 70, but I'm sure it must have been ever warmer than that!

 Today, I'm thinking about putting aside a few other things and spending some time cleaning up my flower beds. When I got up this morning, I noticed how blue the sky was and decided to go walk around the back yard like a crazy person taking pictures shortly after 7...

Before I forget again, I did a guest post over at Kiki's blog yesterday!!! Kiki and I have been getting to know each other and I've really enjoyed it! You should go look around her blog and leave her a comment or two. We all love comments! :) 

What was your weekend filled with?

What is your favorite sign of spring?

Etsy Swap 2014: The Reveal

Thursday, April 03, 2014

AMY and MEGAN got together to host a little swap that turned out to be a lot of fun!

I've known about etsy for quite a while and I've encouraged my crafty friend Heidi to start a shop of her own on there. Until this swap I had never really looked around or bought anything from the shops.

Well, now I know what the etsy madness is all about! There are so many great shops with CUTE, QUALITY items that would make great gifts.

* * * *

My package was PERFECT. Seriously, I couldn't have picked out a better gift! As I was browsing, I came across this shop that had these zippered pouches but then I found out that the person I was matched up with OWNED the shop! Let's just say that ELIZABETH really outdid herself!

Elizabeth sent me:

A Starbucks card which I am really looking forward to using! 

A set of notecards from in the mailbox - I love the map theme! 

The exact zippered pouch from ElahTree  I was planning to get my partner!

On top of all that, when I opened the package I got so excited! I saw gold and purple and gray and string...I knew it was going to be good! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elizabeth! I absolutely love everything you sent my way! 

* * * *

When it came to sending some gifts to my partner, I went back and forth on getting the items shipped to me so that I could pack a box and then send it on to her...but then I decided that it would be more fun for her if I shipped each thing straight to her so that she would get a series of packages. That's fun, right?
Samantha (who happens to run ElahTree) was my partner and I really enjoyed "stalking" her in order to figure out what I should get for her! As I was shopping I realized that she reminds me a lot of my friend Anna. In other words, I kind of feel like I "know" her...
 I sent Samantha:

A thank you stamp from paper sushi.

A set of note cards from wit & whistle.

A couple of nail polishes that I thought would look great on her and a little note introducing myself.

* * * * 

Thanks for hosting this Spring FUN, Amy and Megan!!! All of the shopping and goodies were great, but what I enjoy most about these things is a chance to meet new people!