I Like Remembering...

Monday, January 26, 2015

I went to visit Alice last Wednesday afternoon. We spent some time talking and pretty soon our conversation took the turn that it doesn't always take. Alice started remembering things that she hadn't thought about for years. On this particular afternoon, she remembered a colt and his mother...

Alice was the first to ride him. She chose to take him out to a field that had recently been plowed so that if she fell off, the ground wouldn't be so hard. He didn't like it, but she rode him and she didn't fall off. She recalled loving that horse. She couldn't help remembering his mother, an ornery horse that everyone but Alice found very difficult to ride. Alice rode her and made her obey and they had good times together.

I don't know either horses' name - Alice didn't mention those. I don't know what colors they were or how long they lived. I don't know if they liked apples or carrots.

I do know one thing. Remembering is sweet.

Alice finished her stories with these words, "I like remembering...I remembered! And it was good."

Yes, Alice, I like it when you remember too. It is good.

Another Great Saturday

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 has brought with it some pretty great Saturdays! On January 3, we got an extra day with friends in GA. On January 10th, I had just gotten home and was feeling pretty rotten about it. Jay's birthday and Joe's shopping trip served as perfect distractions. And then there was last Saturday...

Last Saturday was PERFECTION. I had the day to myself (half the house went to play laser tag and my Mom was working). I'm not a person that generally enjoys a day to myself, but I made the best of it. I started the day trying to finish up Rex Stout's "The Doorbell Rang", which happens to be a great mystery, if you're in the market for one of those. When that got old, I fixed myself some macaroni and cheese and left over chicken nuggets and turned on Pride and Prejudice (the Matthew Macfadyen version). From there, I switched things up with "Roman Holiday" (Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn). And then I went back to my reading.

I needed that day. I said "No" to a lot of things to make it mine, but it was so great to recharge and refresh.

This Saturday could turn out very similar. It just so happens that today is National Readathon Day. Since I've got several books going, I'm planning on doing at least some reading. It helps that I'm working on the third book in a series that has really had me interested! "Hidden Agenda" by Lisa Harris is just as good (if not BETTER?!?) than the other two books that came before it in her Southern Crimes series.

This particular book is set off the coast of Georgia as well as in Georgia. A side plot that has been present in the other two books is finally taking center stage. I've been trying to figure out this part of the mystery since I first found out about the series. "Hidden Agenda" obviously shares characters with the other books, but Harris also brought in some characters that we've never met before.

The plot is thick. We've got a police department with unknown moles, a drug cartel with a brutal and uncatchable leader, two people who find out that their Dad is not who they thought he was, and a carload of people on the run. The characters themselves are developed very well. Character development is easy to skip in suspense stories, but Harris doesn't skip anything.

It's not often that I tell you about a book BEFORE I finish it, but I'm confident that this one will end with at least 4 stars to it's name! Grab  your copy HERE.

So...I've got another great Saturday waiting for me and I hope you do too!

What does your perfect Saturday look like? 

Do days to yourself excite you?

* I was provided a review copy of this book by Revell. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

A Watch Story

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You may not know it, but I hang onto things forever. There's that one t-shirt in my closet that my brother got on a trip to Virginia in 1999. I still wear it. There are two signs that my Mom and my best friend made for me for my 13th Birthday that have sat behind my dresser ever since I finally took them off my wall all those years ago. And then, there's my watch...

It's nothing overly fancy, but it's special to me. I got it for Christmas when I was 17 and I have worn it pretty much every day ever since. If you're looking for a watch, be sure to check out Invaluable! I recently found out about them and they have a great selection of watches for men and women just waiting for you to bid on them. Invaluable will help you find a watch that you love as much as I love the one my Mom had waiting under the tree for me that Christmas.

It has survived so many disasters. The first week I got it, I banged it on the door of the dryer when I was pulling out clothes one day. I examined it to see exactly one scratch on the face and got really sad over that little scratch. The next summer, I dropped it on the floor at the Ranch and broke one of the numbers off. As soon as I got home, I sent it to Fossil to have it fixed. Those two weeks of waiting for it to be returned to me seemed to drag on and on.

This watch has been with me through some of the toughest and most exciting years of my life. It came with me to Massachusetts, to Mount Vernon, and to New York City. It kept time for me when I struggled to find my joy in God. It came with me while I helped my friend Alice get back on her feet and when I got to join my friend Heidi while she cared for her daughter and her brand new son.

Whenever I check the time, my watch tells me more than the current time, it reminds me of all the moments that have already happened. I plan to hang onto it.

Does your watch have a story?

This post is brought to you in partnership with Invaluable.